Norwegian Wood

29th March, 2019

I once had a place,
Or should I say, it once had me.
It showed me its room
Isn’t it good, Norwegian wood?

(with apologies to John Lennon and Paul McCartney … sorry guys.)

Early today, we caught the Fløibanen funicular tram to travel high above Bergen, Norway into the woods of Fløyen. At its highest point, it is 400 m above the coastal city below.

From the top you walk deep into the woods, past the lake, following a 2.4 km track that winds back down into the city. If you look carefully at the mischievous signs, you get a another glimpse of Norwegian humor. Oh, and did I mention the trolls?

Young Norwegian men are warned early to beware of Huldras, gorgeous looking troll women who stand by the edges of the wood. There, they wait to ensnare human males through their lovely singing and beautiful appearance. Huldras then use the entranced men to do their bidding or simply keep them as mates or pets.

Before letting yourself be led away, you need to look carefully behind her. All trolls have tails; if she has a tail, then she is a Huldra – run! If not, then she is just a beautiful Norwegian woman who might make a wonderful wife…this is your lucky day !!!

I am not sure if this lady was a Huldra – Jane would not let me get close enough to check her out <grin>.

Yes, even trolls have a teenage stage of their lives…
No, not a Huldra or a troll. It is an elf with flaxen hair looking over the edge of a high bluff.
Translation: “Do not sit inside when all hope is gone”
Wait… is that the head of a bear?

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