The research trip to Luleå

November 9th, 2017

Today marks exactly five years since I left EDIS and returned to study. It is also my last day here at AUT before I leave on the next journey.

I will be spending the next month at the Luleå University of Technology, right up near the Arctic Circle at the top of Sweden. Luleå is Scandinavia’s northernmost university. Dr Gulnara Zabelova and I have been working together on research projects for the last year and I finally get to go up and work with her there.

Apparently, I am the only team member who wanted to go up in their wintertime and they suspect that I am part polar bear. Jane will come up in early December and we are going to explore. Watch this space folks.

November 14th – Touching the snow in Luleå

November 17th – Arctic research station meetings

November 18th – Morning in Narnia

November 19th – Solitude

November 24th – Nailing your thesis to the wall..

December 1st – The first day of Advent

December 9th – Saturday house cleaning

December 10th – My arctic cabin

December 17th – Leaving Luleå

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