The Final Writing Retreat

9th May 2021

After four years on my Auckland University of Technology doctoral research program, I am in the final stages of this journey. A number of times, I have travelled away to refocus and finish something that needed a change of scenery. This time AUT is letting me go North on a Postgraduate Writing Retreat.

Anne Lamott commented in her book Almost Everything : Notes on Hope that “when all is said and done, we are all just walking each other home…” That resonates with me now. I will be among other researchers, all at different stages of their own journey. At AUT, I treasure times like this when a group of us get to spend time wrestling with things, sometimes together and sometimes in solitude.

Vaughan Park is an Anglican Retreat and Conference center that AUT has used many times for retreats. It is located North of Auckland on the coast. Over the next four days, I have an opportunity to find a quiet corner to pray and write. I’ll try to share my experiences during the time there; watch this space.

Day 1 – A Prayer before Writing

Day 2 – Vision and perishing

Day 3 – Solitude, stillness

I love this stuff

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