I built this dreamcatcher…

I hate it when my desk gets untidy. It drives all my concentration out the window until I stop, clear it up and get wide-open space to work in again. Part of the problem is that I accumulate stuff that is deemed precious, pieces of memories that I do not want to lose. Unless those things have a place to go, we just feed the cycle around and around….

I addressed that problem a while ago by building a dreamcatcher. Not like the dreamcatchers of the First Nation people. Those are supposed to catch bad dreams and stop them at night. No, my dreamcatcher is a board mounted above my desk that I can Bluetack precious objects, thoughts, ponderings and brain-food works-in-progress, things not to lose too quickly…

Jeremy updated it today with the invitation to Georgie and Lianne’s baptism:


I built this dreamcatcher…

I built this dreamcatcher today,
not using cogs or sprockets, no springs
nor glue, no feathers nor willow.

No clockwork either. It will be my place,
my still-time, my catch-memory to stop
cruel clutter worrying each thought along.

Here are the thinking’s I want to linger,
not pushed out, nudged to make room
for the next.

Here is the weft of my day, rememberings,
not memorials, of gifts shared.
They shall not clutter my desk; now they have a place.

These are the curios worth twirling my fingers around again,
like a strand of hair (as if I still could…),
Caught by my dreamcatcher…

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