Malmö, Sweden

December 29th, 2017

We have one day in Malmö, Sweden today before we go on to Stockholm. The early-morning train crossed the Øresund bridge amidst forests of wind turbines to reach the city.

Malmo map

Wind turbines

For the last 300 years, Malmö was one of the most industrialized towns in Scandinavia, but in the 1990’s it began struggling with the closure of manufacturing operations that could not compete with imported goods. It does not look like it is struggling today though. We walked around acres of new, modern architecture amidst massive development projects. There are biotech and IT companies here which are apparently thriving in partnership with research driven in part through Malmö  University. That was something I saw also in Luleå where industry partnerships with companies such as Volvo and Scania thrive.

Today was also our first opportunity to crawl unsupervised through the insides of a real WW2 U-boat at a technology museum here. Lest you think this is just me doing my small-boy-in-museum stuff, I can assure you that Jane was way ahead of me wanting to buy museum tickets <grin>.

For the coffee-lovers in our lives, look what we found in a coffee shop early this morning. If there is a coffee machine on the Tardis, then this is it. Or perhaps this is what happened when the Dalek’s discovered caffeine ?

We are loving this stuff…


Author: Rockweather

I am a writer, musician, teacher, and researcher at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in Auckland, New Zealand.

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