København, Denmark

December 25th to 27th, 2017


København, or Copenhagen, is situated on the island of Zealand. A smaller part of the city is located on the island of Amager. It is separated from Malmö by the strait of Øresund.

This place feels similar to Oslo, Norway to us, so, we explored it on foot too.

It is so enjoyable to drink a city. You do not have to try and understand everything you see. Most places are far to big to ever appreciate all the intricacies and differences of in a single visit. Rather, just soak it in, sip the architecture and look for the unusual stuff. Ask how it affects you and what it feels like when it gets inside you. New places challenge us to look again: we become complacent about the places we live in day by day,  We stop seeing things because they are too familiar and we miss noticing the changes. Places like Oslo and København are meant to be drunk in while they are fresh to you.

Which is why I also spent a day watching bicycles here.

One special treat was at The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Jane and I got lost there for hours…

Home of Hans Christian Andersen

The home of Hans Christian Andersen from 1871 to 1875, where he wrote The Little Mermaid.

Denmark is LEGO. I have been waiting for a special new set to be released that was promised by the end of 2017. The Woman of NASA series commemorates the pioneering women scientists and astronauts of NASA and was a personal project of journalist Maia Weinstock.  We saw it in the shops for the first time today here and it is magnificent.

Women of NASA

The new Millennium Falcon is huge but let’s not discuss the price…<grin>. No, we did not buy it…

Millenium Falcon


It is still Christmas here and the amount of effort some stores put into their window displays is stunning,

The Frederiks Kirke has been a place of worship here in the center of København since 1749. We spent some time just sitting, quietly. Christmas on the streets is busy here but this was still a place of solitude.

In contrast, Marmor kirken is in the grounds of the Danish Royal Palace.



Kongens Have is the oldest national palace garden in Scandinavia. It was first laid out in 1606 and supplied fresh fruit to the royal household. Within 100 years, it had grown to over 1,000 fruit trees. The Royal house, Rosenborg is in the grounds of the Kongens Have.




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