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The research trip to Luleå starts soon. Boxes, cables, research assistants… seems like this move into our own blog for Rockweather has been a long time coming. Dr Gen Selway and Grace du Chateau-Chien  talked me into this over coffee since I have been moaning about feeling restless at Facebook. I will introduce you to my faithful research assistants in more detail later on; sufficient to say I am a PhD candidate at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand. Dr Gen and Grace were each introduced to me by the two precious mentors who have accompanied me faithfully through this research journey since it began.

Moving in.jpgThey both thought that I needed looking-after in my laboratory so each of them arranged a research assistant for me, quite independently. Through the long hours of study and writing, you would be amazed how many proof-reading issues we discover together just by me reading out loud to these two gorgeous companions.

And it is not so unusual around here; in the SERL (Software Engineering Research Laboratory) where I am based, almost everyone has a companion on their desk, often a gift from a family member. In the same way scuba divers are taught never to dive alone, research is always better undertaken as part of a research group with mentors; never dive alone, never study alone.

Ok..better get back to the boxes since Grace says she needs a refill and she can’t reach the laboratory coffee machine without help…

oh, and you will notice my tag line often…

I love this stuff

Author: Rockweather

I am a writer, musician, teacher, and researcher at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in Auckland, New Zealand.

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      1. You are most welcome. How does it feel talking to yourself on your own blog ? Are you in critical-thinking mode trying to figure out how this blog-stuff works?


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